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Posted by Anonymous on 3rd June 2020 at 12:44:01

Hi Jess,

Thx for an amazing article! This is very nice of you to show how to make webpack properly pack quill js editor to Rails app!

However, for some reason, I still have this:

Apparently, instead of proper rendering svg, there's just a load of paths to icons, like this:

<span class="ql-picker-label" tabindex="0" role="button" aria-expanded="false" aria-controls="ql-picker-options-0">module.exports = __webpack_public_path__ + "media/icons/dropdown-8bd433f1.svg";</span>

In my package.json, I do have "svg-inline-loader": "^0.8.2", while my environment.js is:

const { environment } = require('@rails/webpacker')
const webpack = require('webpack')
environment.plugins.prepend('Provide', new webpack.ProvidePlugin({
 $: 'jquery/src/jquery',
 jQuery: 'jquery/src/jquery'
const svgLoader = {
 test: /\.svg$/,
 loader: 'svg-inline-loader'
environment.loaders.prepend('svg', svgLoader)
module.exports = environment

Did I probably missed something from your article?

This would be so great if you could help me with this.

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