Many of the personal projects I've worked on can be found on my GitHub page (which also contains links to the apps that I've deployed to Heroku). The following is a sample of what I've worked on in the past:

  • ???
    You may have seen me allude to a personal project I've been working on this year. That's still in the works. Hopefully I'll be able to talk more about it in 2023

  • DoctorsScreenshot|
    This was a CMS I wrote in 2016 for doctors and patients to manage appointments. It should also have been possible for doctors to update medical information and patient records. The app is written in Rails 4, Elasticsearch for search, an OwlCarousel, Carrierwave for image uploads and the CanCanCan library for authorisation. As this is a CMS, the wysihtml-rails gem is used to provide doctors and receptionists with a rich text editor to update information pages with.

  • OccupyBnBScreenshot|
    OccupyBnB was a project I worked on back in the summer of 2016 as a joke. It's basically AirBnB for squatters. The app uses the Elasticsearch & Searchkick libraries to handle the "abode search", an OwlCarousel photo carousel on the front page, Carrierwave for image uploads, Omniauth for an optional SSO login among other libraries. The header's sort of cool because I wrote some jQuery to change its colour every time a user refreshes the page.

  • FCC/ Build a tribute pageScreenshot|
    This was an app I wrote back in 2016 as part of a Free Code Camp exercise. It's essentially a fan page for Amelia Arsenic (an industrial musician known for her time in the band Angelspit) - I'm mostly including it because I like the picture.

  • Caesar on RailsScreenshot|
    This is a rails 4 application from 2015 that encrypts text using the Caesar cipher.

  • Solitaire on RailsScreenshot|
    Similar to Caesar on Rails, this is a 2015 application written to encrypt and decrypt messages with the Solitaire cipher.

  • kohrVid v1
    I developed and designed this very website in Ruby on Rails. The screenshot above is a picture of the version 1 site started in 2015. At the time, I decided against using a pre-existing CSS framework so as to avoid any interference with the SVG text in the layout. The layout did however adapt to various window sizes.