My name is Jessica Ete (pronounced "eh-tay"...you may see this written with accent aigus elsewhere because no-one knows how to say it). I was born and raised in London. Languages, frameworks and tools I've worked with in the past include:

  • Ruby/Rails
  • Scala
  • Akka HTTP
  • Go
  • Javascript
  • RSpec3
  • Cucumber/Selenium
  • PostgreSQL
  • Heroku
  • AWS (S3, EC2, Route53)
  • CSS3/Sass
  • Redis
  • Elasticsearch
  • TSQL
  • Linux
  • Devise
  • Cobra
  • React
  • Git

...and of course, jQuery!

Employment History

  • FutureLearn
    Apr 2020 - Present

    I currently work as a software engineer at FutureLearn, an online education platform partially owned by the Open University. Whilst there I've contributed to their Ruby on Rails monolith and some of their React code. I joined fairly recently so it's still early days but so far the work and the team have been awesome!

  • Worked as a senior backend developer on an engineering team that rarely got anything done (at a worthless company that I am currently suing in an Employment Tribunal over discrimination and whistleblowing victimisation). Whilst there I was expected to pick up the pieces left behind by the violent, misogynistic, arsehole who'd originally built their shitty infrastructure and tolerate physical harassment from an idiotic karen. I can't stress enough how disgusted I am to have ever been associated with a team that was so toxic and pointless. It is my belief that their problems are institutional and that they are incapable of reform.

  • Deliveroo
    Jul 2017 - Feb 2019
    I worked as a backend software engineer on the Growth team and worked on a variety of projects, mostly older Rails applications though our more recent services were written in Scala. I also had the opportunity to coach at Rails Girls, get involved with the Tech Org's Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging committee, participate in the Functional Programming in Scala reading group and I even gave a short tech talk about the work we had done in Scala during our Consumer Engineering Conference.
  • Tyk
    Sep 2016 - Jul 2017
    I worked as a developer and support engineer in the Shoreditch office. Whilst there I gained experience with Go and some AngularJS but also helped to write the Rails app that powers Tyk's status page.

I'm actually on LinkedIn but I still haven't really worked out what I'm supposed to use it for. I worked in IT for a few years after sixth-form but, like, I don't anymore.


You may or may not be interested to know that:

  • I'm not French (sorry)
  • I tend to score as an INTP when I take MBTI tests but it's been a while
  • I listen to music sometimes - mostly just alternative or whatever passed for punk back when I was thirteen. Increasingly, I find I listen to far too many podcasts
  • Back in late 2017 I took up dance, specifically Zouk. I apparently no longer suck at it which, considering how rubbish I was at PE as a kid, is pretty good!
  • I know a mouse-hunter named QT. Saying that I own him makes me feel guilty but, like, I did pay for him once. I think he likes me
  • In 2015 I thought doing this to a laptop was a good idea
  • I have a Twitter account if you'd like to follow/tweet.
  • Back in 2015, I would occasionally follow corvids (#CorvidsNotCovid) and take pictures of them running away on my phone. I sort of miss it a little
  • If you're feeling generous, I have a paypal link and a monzo link for payments/donations